It’s NEW YEAR’S EVE!!! So crazy!!

I thought it would be fun to put together a post of the top 15 moments happening the past year in the Williamson household. I think it’s so important to look back and remember all of the good times and happy memories amidst the crazy, sad and stressful! It keeps the joy in life, yes? Most of these are from our personal lives and may seem trivial to some, but to me, it’s the little moments that mean the most. Enjoy this fun little peek into our lives…

Let’s get started with it then. (I’m going in order from the beginning of the year… not necessarily in order of importance)

TOP MOMENT #1: THE YEARLY MEETING OF THE WILLIAMSON COUSINS! This may seem trivial to some, but I’m not joking when I say these kids probably get to see eachother once a year (however, it was THREE TIMES this year!). Every January we’ve gotten together with our Toledo family to exchange gifts, have dinner, let the kids play and catch up with the adults. This is especially important this coming January because they will be moving away to Colorado in 2016 which will make our year get-together even harder if not obsolete. Enjoying it while we can!15 ON '1515 on 15'TOP MOMENT #2: Having this best friend close to home and able to spend so much time with her! I am so thankful for her in so many ways! She’s a best friend, a “let’s run to Canton and grab some Starbucks and roam the stores even though I’m broke” friend, a role model for my kids, a helper when I’m in need, a “heyyyyyyyy, I have a DIY project for us….” friend, an ear to listen when I need to vent/chat/bounce an idea off of someone, a “I have this crazy idea to take my kids plus my niece to the zoo/park/hiking/Chuck E Cheese, will you help me?” friend, she’s my Santa’s helper every year during my annual Santa Mini Sessions and most of all she’s a great person who I am so lucky to have in my life.TOP MOMENT #3: VIRGINIA VACATION!! YESSSSS! You can go here to view more from our Virginia vacation.TOP MOMENT #4: CHICKENSSSSS! Yes I know, maybe a little strange to some. LOL! But 2015 marks the year we officially became “chicken farmers(?)… keepers(?)…”TOP MOMENT #5: WE LEARNED BY PLAYING… This may honestly be my favorite. It’s such a simple thing, but yet, so huge at the same time. Learning by playing.15 in 15'15 in 15'TOP MOMENT #6: LIAM STARTED PRESCHOOL… Que the sad/happy tears. He’s the baby so I may have had a harder time with this than anyone. He, of course, was thrilled… And then ticked off, and then happy again… and then not so happy and we stayed many a day after preschool to have a not so happy chat with the teachers about his behavior… and then happy about being in school again and making new friends… and well, it’s an ongoing process that hopefully will even out in the near future.BWP_3832_WEBBWP_3814_WEBTOP MOMENT #7: EMMA COMPETED IN HER FIRST GYMNASTICS MEET… AND GOT A BEAM… AND THEN GOT A MAT FOR HOME… GOOD YEAR FOR HER!BWP_0727_WEBBWP_0754_WEBBWP_0765_WEBBWP_0736_WEBBWP_0675BW_WEBBWP_0821_WEBBWP_0823_WEBBWP_0808_WEBTOP MOMENT #8: KITCHEN PAINT MAKE-OVER … This one brings back Alicia too. LOL! She’s my DIY bestie I tell ya! There was a lot of laughs, delirious chats, coffee and possibly verging on testing our friendship here… but we managed to finish the painting sometime in the middle of the night or early hours of the next day. This was only one of two HUGE DIY’s this year too…TOP MOMENT #9: IZZY STARTED BASKETBALL… AND LOVES IT!TOP MOMENT #10: CONTINUING WITH THE IZZY THEME, IZZY GOT GLASSES! She loves them and mostly loves that she can SEE! I guess that’s always a plus in life. LOL! The day we picked them up we went to The Daily Grind shortly after and I caught her reading the big sign on the wall. It’s such an everyday small thing for most people, but I never really realized before that she never did these things before. She always had to ask me what the options were. Hooray for small (big!) victories! And of course she looks absolutely adorable. 😉TOP MOMENT #11: I HAVE A STUDIO!!! This one was a work in progress like WOAH. It was the plan since we bought this home in 2011 for one of the buildings to be converted to a studio for me. Life happened, as it tends to do, and even though it was started right away in 2011/2012… it didn’t actually get finished until 2015. It’s okay though. The more I look back at the past few years, the more I realize that having my studio inside our home was the right choice for us at that time. Liam was a baby. Money was tight. Convenience for my kids was to have me inside at all times. There were quite a few times that baby Liam was home either napping, eating, crawling around or sitting on my lap while I photographed a session. It was amazing. My clients were amazing. I cherish those moments actually. Yeah, they were tough. But they were blessed too. And that’s more important.

Onto my studio… I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t actually taken “real” photos yet so the only ones I have are from my cell phone. Maybe in 2016 I’ll remedy that? 😛 The studio was a family affair… plus Alicia. Seriously this girl. She’s amazing. I guess we took more videos than anything and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to upload a video at the moment so you’ll just have to pretend you see Alicia here helping out with the studio construction as well… 🙂BWP_7411_WEBTOP MOMENT #12: KARISJOY PHOTOGRAPHY TOOK OUR FAMILY PHOTOS… AND LIAM COOPERATED… SORT OF. 😉 All of the following pictures here are from KarisJoy Photography. Thank you!!12120094_10208087661655509_4652075013956318249_oTOP MOMENT #13: EMMA STARTED MIDDLE SCHOOL. Really?!! When/HOW did this happen?11870833_10207715507711893_3515634876232180346_nTOP MOMENT #14: FRIDAY FUN DAYS OVER THE SUMMER BREAK. Yep. I definitely want to repeat these somehow this year…TOP MOMENT #15: FAMILY TIME SPENT WITH ANY OF OUR EXTENDED FAMILY!!! And we had a lot of it this year. I consider that a blessed time anytime.Of course there were many more wonderful moments that could have easily made this list, but I had to narrow it down to 15. Next year there will be 16 to post! WOOP! 🙂 Our family had a lot of pain this year, and while I didn’t post any of it here, it really helped to shape the year. However, no matter how much it hurt me or our family, it did just as much to build us up stronger.

I hope you enjoyed rehashing 2015 with me. Here’s to an even better 2016!!! Let’s do this!