Artsy Couture Gallery Canvas Product Review + Cyber Monday $100 Shop Credit!

Artsy Couture Gallery Canvas Product Review


A while back I was approached by Artsy Couture with an offer to review some of their product. Upon reviewing their website, I was impressed the most with their gallery canvases. They carry other items such as the photo gallery blocks which look great too. But this time, I ended up choosing to get their canvases so that I could hang a couple more photos in my studio. A tip to remember when choosing images to print on canvas or in print, make sure that the photo you are choosing a high quality image. For example, a cell phone snapshot probably won’t look as amazing on anything printed over a 5×7 if we’re being honest. Choose images that are from a professional quality camera, have good coloring and are in focus and sharp in order to get the best looking product. I sent along a few samples of my work to Cate (the brand manager I was chatting with) and asked for suggestions on which to print. Of course, she chose both of these super adorable sets of siblings having fun and I couldn’t agree more. So off to print they went! Not long at all after, these gorgeous beauties showed up (very well packaged I might add!) on my back porch. I was in love!Artsy Couture, Review, Product ReviewThe canvases themselves feel so sturdy!! I know now that is because their canvases aren’t stretched around a hollow frame. They’re professionally mounted to a solid wood structure, which means they are guaranteed to never sag or warp. And they mean business. They are solid! Artsy Couture, Review, Product ReviewThe boys canvas is a 5×7. The girls is an 8×10. You can see the difference on how different sizes will take off more around the edges. The 8×10 took quite a bit more. But if you upgraded that to an 11×14 or the 20×30, you wouldn’t lose nearly as much of the actual image around the edges. The color match to these images are spot on as well. I am in shock that it matches my original prints so well. Here are my original images I sent Artsy.Other qualities of the Artsy canvases that I am really impressed with are… Sharpness of the images themselves are great. The corners of both canvases are pulled and kept very tight and neat. All edges are perfectly straight. They come ready to hang with a hanger on the back. Even the back of the canvases look tidy and pretty. There are no messy bumps on the back from the canvas being pulled across and everything is tucked just so to ensure that the canvas hangs perfectly against your wall. Upon reading on their website, I was also happy to discover that they treat every canvas with a UV coating, making them resistant to fading over time. Apparently they can also be wiped clean easily with just a damp cloth! Anyone with kids knows how important this easy to clean feature is. Artsy Couture, Review, Product ReviewArtsy Couture, Review, Product ReviewThe canvases found their new home in my studio next to some other amazing vendors. Love my little photo wall (including some snapshots of my own family on there!). I think I need to order some more Artsy canvases or maybe their cube decor or print wraps.Artsy Couture, Review, Product ReviewAlong with Artsy Couture’s current product offerings, they are expanding their product line to include Wood Wraps, bulk USB purchasing, and a few other items that will launch in 2018. They just added their Foil Print Cards to their website and they look amazing… and just in time for you to go printing all of your Christmas cards with your most recent BWP family photo session too. 

Artsy is going above and beyond and being absolutely incredible by giving away $100 in Artsy Lab credit for ONE of you lucky readers!!! This means that you could order one large 24×36” canvas or multiple canvases’ in smaller sizes (Artsy Courture offers 15+!)!! I’m only a teensy bit jealous… okay quite a bit. This really is such a great thing for them to do. Make sure you enter by clicking the link below!!


A winner will be selected on Monday, November 27th contacted via email and announced here and Facebook as well. This is just in time for Christmas too if you order fast!Artsy Couture, Review, Product Review