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Meet Moose

He’s our newest addition (as of March! – oops for another late posting!). He’s grown a lot since this photo was taken but it’s still one of my favorites. We adopted him from the Tuscarawas County Humane Society and have been in love since! We believe he is a hound/boxer mix. The hound in him…


15 in ’15 | FAMILY HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2015 IN THE WILLIAMSON HOUSE It’s NEW YEAR’S EVE!!! So crazy!! I thought it would be fun to put together a post of the top 15 moments happening the past year in the Williamson household. I think it’s so important to look back and remember all of the…

Tuscarawas County Photographer | P52 CHILDHOOD

Tuscarawas County Photographer | Finding Me: Project 52 Week 31 | CHILDHOOD child·hood ˈCHīldˌho͝od noun noun: childhood; plural noun: childhoods the state of being a child. “the idealized world of childhood” This week’s theme is childhood. Since we’re in the last few weeks of Summer this has been on my mind a lot. I’ve been…

  • Katelyn Standiford - Your post really struck a cord with me – I have a 10 month old and I can already feel that time slipping away. I know I will be a total wreck when he gets to school.

    Hang in there, momma! They still need you, love you, and want to share their world with you. Keep snapping those beautiful pictures- and considering having someone capture you in them too. I know it’s a touchy subject for photographers to hire other photographers, but if you’re always behind the lens, you aren’t really in there with your kids.

    That’s something I want to really target from my own business – memory building in families and being the person to capture it for others. You sound like a very invested mother and you deserve to have quality photos of those moments where you are imagining and playing and really enveloped by their world. You need that space to get wrapped up in your kids and let someone else do the work. Those moments are the most beautiful ones.ReplyCancel

    • Brandi Williamson Photography - Thank you Katelyn! Yes it’s wild how quickly these little people grow up! I never want to miss a moment.

      We definitely make it a point to get family photos done each year! 🙂 Practice what you preach and all, right? LOL!ReplyCancel

Tuscarawas County Photographer | Project 52 | FREELENS

Tuscarawas County Photographer Finding Me: Project 52 week 29 | freelens Sooooo freelensing is scary. Just sayin’. 😛 Now with that said, here are some links I found to help me a little at least… PHOTOJOJO FREELENS A BEAUTIFUL MESS FREELENS B&H PHOTO FREELENS I tried this within a less than 5 minute span as…

Tuscarawas County Photographer | Project 52 | COLORFUL

Tuscarawas County Photographer Finding Me: Project 52 week 28 | colorful Our theme this week is colorful… There hasn’t been a lot of color recently in Ohio and it’s been so dark and dreary I haven’t even wanted to shoot indoors. But I did my best to find some pretty in the gray around us…