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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! What is your New Year’s resolution? Mine seems to always be similar to the last… to slow down and enjoy each moment and to not get wrapped up in the “should be doing…”, “but so-and-so is already doing this better…”, “I hate ____ about me, about my house, about etc etc” quite as much. <3 Oh, and to de-clutter. MUST de-clutter. 😛

Of course I also plan on blogging more. I want to make this place more personable and not just a place to put some photos. I will be sharing more about my life, my kids and behind the scenes as well. A goal of mine this year is to photograph my family more… and be IN those photos as well. That poses a challenge for me because I’m not comfortable in front of the camera. Practice what you preach, right? 🙂 I even joined a year long photography workshop that will push me to do better and capture my own family on camera. In turn that will also help push me in my business goals and my mad camera skills. 😉 I love learning!! Never stop!

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In the comments, tell me what you plan to make 2015 do for you!! 😀 Now let’s DO THIS! NE Ohio Photographer |© Brandi Williamson Photography | | HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015Dover, New Philadelphia Ohio Photographer | © Brandi Williamson Photography | HAPPY NEW YEAR