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week 21 | eyes

Eyes are sort of funny. We take them for granted, not understanding their full importance until something may not be 100% right with them. Recently our son had an eye surgery. Even while it was considered a minor surgery, it was a big event in our lives as parents and most especially his immediate way of day to day life. He did wonderful going into prep. The nurses were great with him and he won them over immediately with his funny little personality. He showed them his muscles, he said his ABCs, he handed out high fives and fist bumps and cooperated with everything that needed done. During prep, the main nurse was talking to him and excitedly told him all about the rocket ship they were going to go on to outer space and how much fun that was going to be and that then he would take a long nap on the moon but when he got back he would get a green popsicle (Liam’s choice of treats 🙂 ). I do sort of wish I had taken some photos of him with the nurses while he wowed them with his pure adorable-ness (Mom goggles talking here haha), but we, as parents, were pretty nervous and could only think of him at that time and were praying and hoping and wishing and doing everything else we could in our minds to ensure a smooth surgery and a good outcome. I do have a cell phone picture of him just before being wheeled off into surgery without us. He was so sweet and brave. 🙂Dover OH PhotographerAfter he was taken back, my husband and I went to sit in the waiting area. The nurse came out to check on us shortly after and to let us know that Liam was great and did everything he needed to do and was currently sleeping away as the surgery was about to begin. I loved that she took a moment to come out and let us know he was okay and to calm our nerves. After that, surgery went smoothly and within an hour we were back with Liam waiting for him to wake up. That’s been about a week and a half ago. He’s doing great today! I won’t lie, we did have quite a few rocky days in between. His eyes weren’t pretty. He was uncomfortable during recovery. But if it worked, it was all worth it. 🙂

I did plan on using a photo of my 7 year old looking up at me with her big gorgeous sky blue eyes, but after the week’s events I changed my mind. While I won’t gross you out and post a photo of what Liam’s eyes looked like immediately following surgery ( 😉 ), I will show you a worn out, exhausted little boy who slept the entire first day after surgery away on the couch. Besides, don’t they look the most angelic while sleeping? I don’t know about you, but I am always staring at my babies when they fall asleep. They’re just so cute… and let’s be honest… they can’t talk back in that moment! LOLDover OH PhotographerNext in line for our blog circle is Stacy Espinoza Photography. Please continue the circle and click her link to see what she photographed this week and comment on her post too. Thank you!

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