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week 18 | fear

This week’s Finding Me: Project 52 theme is “fear“. I immediately thought of my always-with-me fear of failure. I say always-with-me because it is. I have a fear of failure with my business. I have fear of failure with my kids and family. I fear failing in life really. It’s a scary feeling! While I do try my best to live by this quote:

“Life is too short to be anything but happy. Love deeply, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything with no regrets and forget the past with exception of what you have learned and remember everything happens for a reason.”

…sometimes my fear gets the better of me and I hesitate. While it might be scary starting something new, or running a business, being married, raising children… the list goes on!… I am here to tell you,


Whatever it is, do it. What’s worse than fear? Regret.

fear of failurefear of failurefear of failure

And on that note… here are some adorable photos of my babies from this week’s family happenings and day to day life, because, well, I can’t post a blog post without photos right? Plus, that would defeat my Project 52… another thing I had to overcome fear of failure for! I need to make it through the entire 52 weeks! Here we are at week 18!fear of failurefear of failurefear of failurefear of failurefear of failurefear of failurefear of failurefear of failureBWP_1671_WEBfear of failureNext in line for our blog circle is Sarah Jastre Photography. Please continue the circle and click her link to see what she photographed this week and comment on her post too. Thank you!

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UPDATE: This week’s theme is so unbelievably close to home right now. My Papaw went into the hospital this week for a typical visit, nothing new, nothing to worry about. Fast forward 24 hours and our family’s world is turned upside down and he is now residing at Hospice. I have spent the majority of my weekend there with family just being together. I wish with all of my heart I were there still right this very second. But life goes on. Life. It’s a funny, wonderful, scary thing. Right now I am thinking back on all the year’s past. I remember the Papaw I had as a child. I remember the Papaw who used to hook the wagon up to the riding mower and pull all of us grandkids around. Or the first time he deemed you were ready to drive that tractor around. You were on top of the world at that moment. And he was the reason for making you feel so special. I remember the Papaw who I used to sit with as a baby while he read the paper and I crinkled it, or the Papaw that I used to watch basketball with on TV and while as a small child I was only interested in the bouncing ball, he would tell me what was going on in the game like I understood. I remember the Papaw who used to tell me I could grow to be anything, anyone, I wanted. The Papaw who said I deserved the best. The Papaw who when I was in the hospital myself, told me he knew I was strong and brave and that I was going to be just fine. I choose to remember that Papaw. Not the frail old man who is currently hanging on to life on a hospital bed. I pray that he has all of these wonderful memories as well and that he will pass peacefully with the family he helped to create surrounding him. May everyone be as blessed as I was with such a great man in their lives.

I love you Papaw.1524949_679897118708933_1796180791_n19069_1314170183028_6134784_n1492290_679898248708820_1333964832_o

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