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Honestly, I had no idea how to do this. I mean, I guess I had a LITTLE idea of how to do the basics here. Long exposure. Of course I understand what that is! But I hadn’t realized what all you can accomplish with that. My 11 year old and I decided we were going to tackle this one together. It was pretty funny. Of course we had some gorgeous photos as inspiration and were really bummed out when we couldn’t pull them off right from the start. That was our first mistake. Practice practice practice!!! And a whole bucket load of patience thrown in as well! We’ve decided we would love to get a good clear night and capture the stars at some point this summer. Consider it on our summer bucket list. 🙂 We also tried some action shots…. epic fails… but so much fun trying! That’s another thing we’re hopefully going to keep aiming to succeed at. Wish us luck… lots of it! haha! So in the end, around 9PM tonight, her and I were ready to admit defeat when I remembered the simplest forms of long exposure photography… LIGHTS! So off to the on-ramp we went (safely of course!). Now, keeping in mind that Midvale is not the hot spot of traffic and entertaining lights that bigger cities may be, I would say that managed to get a pretty wonderful shot of our little neck of the woods here. Midvale nightlife… here it is. 😉

LONG EXPOSURE | Finding Me: Project 52 | week 23 long exposure

Nikon D610 | f/5 | 20.8 seconds

Here is one of our semi-failed attempts of a daytime action shot with the girls. Nothing fancy, just in our backyard. But I couldn’t quite understand how to keep the shutter open longer w/o over-exposing the entire photo. Again, keep in mind this shot was in the middle of the day and it was pretty bright. I know there is a way, I just have to keep working on it! 😛 But until then, here’s this practice shot. LOL At least we had some fun doing it and Izzy got a little bit of a workout in. 😉

LONG EXPOSURE | Finding Me: Project 52 | week 23 long exposure

Nikon D610 | f/4 | 1/40th seconds

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