13 simple ways to spruce up your photo display.

13 simple ways to spruce up your gallery wall

An empty wall in a home drives me crazy! It’s like a photograph just waiting to be taken. Okay, more like a blank canvas waiting to be painted… but the first comparison makes more sense to me, while the second would resonate with most people. Either way you look at it, you have a blank wall, you have family photos, and you want to put those photos up on that wall…. but you aren’t quite sure how to create that perfect look for your home? Here are some great ideas to help you in your design fun!

Image Source: The Crafted Sparrow

You can add unique prints, sayings and re-claimed wood to add a bit of an edge to your wall. This one is so cute the way it’s done!! I am obsessed with the “hello” sign. I’ve seen similar signs sold at Target, Marshall’s and Etsy.

Image Source: Little Vintage Nest

How about this adorable display? I love how it looks like she used an old screen door and busted out the screening to use as the “frame” around all of the other items within this gallery wall.

Image Source: Tami Proffitt

There is always canvas. This is a nice way to set up a gallery wall in a small space with the 3 square canvases paired with the same size quote frame, all making up a larger square.

Image Source: The Turquoise Home

Have a little girl who needs something to fancy up her bedroom walls? I adore this display by The Turquoise Home!! The combination of woodsy and girly is perfection from the stuffed animals on the shelf to the little antlers painted onto the reclaimed wood and with those dainty flowers! Ah!!! LOVE!! That “be brave” print would be perfect in any child’s bedroom as well. It all goes so well together and she added one photo of her daughter along with the entire grouping.

Image Source: Pretty Handy Girl

I know we all have that giant tv to work around too. Try something along these lines with the combination of artwork, family photos, quirky groupings and street signs/numbers. She did an amazing job with her blog post as well. It’s worth a click over to see how she kept everything in line, spaced perfectly and she explains how she chose this particular design around that tv so that she could love her family room again without losing that cozy feeling that makes you want to spend time together in the living room.

Image Source: This Is Our Bliss

Add a cork-board behind your display. This would make it so easy to change out items that your child outgrows or you just don’t love anymore. The way this wall is set up, it’s both creative and useful. What parent doesn’t appreciate that?

Image Source: Apartment Therapy Photo Credit: Bethany Nauert

Use Polaroids to decorate that awkward small wall between rooms. You can switch them up so easily!!

Image Source: The Hankful House

I love the pairing of the vintage bike, with the “concrete” letter, family photos and other wooden signs.

Image Source: April Go Lightly

If you prefer straight lines and a cleaner style, this one is so perfect!! I’m normally one to prefer some of the other displays that aren’t perfectly put together, but this I love too! Again, she added some of her favorite quotes with her family photos. I’m sensing a pretty popular theme here. And this is yet another design that is very simple to switch up the photos whenever you get the urge to do so.

Image Source: Balancing Home

Two words: LEGO storage. Yesssssss! I mean, almost enough said about this one. Seriously this is so cute with the letters (hello JoAnne Fabric trip!), the photos and the cute little shelf for storage is kind of genius.

Image Source: The Nester

When in doubt, add a chalkboard. LOL! But no really, anyone who’s ever been inside my home knows that I love them. You can change the wording on it every day if you really want to. You just need a good frame and some chalk board paint, and voila. Instant awesome. Also amazing on this gallery wall, those silhouettes are great!! How fun!!

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Don’t forget to pay attention to sizing for your space!!