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WOAH! Wasn’t I just pregnant yesterday? And now my baby is ONE!?!?! ONE!!!!! I’ll blog his birthday another day, but thought I would share pictures from his birth now as I sit here reminiscing. <3

Just look at that look of wonder my Emma has on her face!! <3 And little Izzy, well, she wasn’t so sure at first about this new baby brother of hers. 😉

My parents were tickled pink (or blue?) that they finally got a boy in the family! 🙂

As were all of the grandparents… Something about a new baby just brings on the gushy love-y faces all around… <3

This is still one of my favorite pictures of all 3 of them together yet…simply because this was the first time Izzy showed any interest in him…at all. 😉 After that moment though, she decided she was in love. Adorable.

And here is the one and only newborn shot I got of my baby boy. Nobody warned me that as a photographer Momma, I would never be able to get too many shots of him since every time I got near him, he just wanted to eat. 🙂