Dover, New Philadelphia OH child photographer | liam is one … and enjoys his super hero smash cake!

I hope you guys aren’t sick of seeing my birthday boy just yet! 😉 Yesterday after his nap time he woke up in a great mood, and although I hadn’t fully planned on it, I decided it was a fantastic time to make use of his smash cake from Camelot Cakes. So, I set it all up, and then plopped him down. And MAN did I underestimate how quick he was to grab at the deliciousness that was set before him!!! 😛 LOL! As soon as we started the thought popped in my head of ‘why oh whyyyyyyy didn’t I just be patient and wait for my husband to get home from work so he could help me’, but noooooooo I wanted to get it done now. Typical me. Impatient and impulsive. Ha! Anyway, on to the smashing details. Kat (at Camelot) made his smash cake to match his birthday theme (super hero obviously). I absolutely loved it! And Liam did too!

Fun fact: The backdrop to this mini shoot was actually colored specially for this by all of the littlest guests at Liam’s birthday party! How stinkin’ fun is that?!

BTW, Liam’s fun super hero cape is made by SuperKid Capes and is very machine washable as we just found out. 😉