We’re all guilty of it, we research websites and chat with friends trying to find the perfect photographer. Then we spend countless hours worrying over what to wear for said photos. The day of the session we do our best to prep our kids and husbands to be happy happy happy during and “for the love of God please just smile!”. After we receive our gallery we Ooo and Aaahhh over each one and are so thankful the photographer captured us perfectly and happy. We get our digital download or the CD with the greatest of intentions. And then? The photos just sit there on that CD and eventually you forget about them, until that image the photographer tagged you in pops up on your TimeHop app a year later and you’re reminded how much you love it but you were so busy you forgot to print it. Of course the whole not printing photos thing applies to cell phone images as well! It’s said that the most photographed generation won’t have pictures. Do you remember sitting around your Grandma’s house and looking at old photo albums? I loved doing that! Didn’t you? Sadly so many of us in this digital age get so caught up in everything else that we forget to actually print our photos! Here’s why you should print your photos…

1 | Technology isn’t always reliable. Sometimes your computer crashes. Or gets a virus. Maybe your toddler spills something on your external hard drive? Having actual prints helps to lessen the blow when the unthinkable happens and your computer fails you. This reminds me also to encourage you to back up your files with multiple sources. Dropbox is a good one. Crashplan and iPhoto are reliable as well. There are quite a few of these services available if you take the time to look for what best suits your needs. Also when you do a digital download, it’s a good idea to also save immediately to some other location. I do keep my client’s photos for up to 2 years after the session *just in case*. PRINT YOUR PHOTOS2 | How else will you embarrass your children? Am I right?! Don’t we all have those embarrassing photos of our children doing hilarious things? You’ll need plenty of embarrassing pictures to share when your little one grows up. What’s a graduation party without some funny photos for everyone to laugh about?print your photos3 | You want to share your family’s story. Sharing your digital photos via Facebook or Instagram is a great way to share your memories with family easily no matter how far they live. But, I still think the best way to really share your photos is to print them and look at them and tell stories about the photos you took. This goes back to what I said before about thumbing through an old photo album and that feeling you get when you do. This past year when my grandparents passed away, our family spent so much time looking at old photos and sharing them with eachother. We laughed. We cried. We smiled. We remembered. Printed photos tell a story from your life, whether it was a family vacation, wedding, birthday or some silliness from a typical day. They allow you to pass those memories on to your children, family and your friends. Those memories last forever.print your photos4 | Technology changes. Constantly. Remember floppy discs? Yeah, me too. But my kids don’t. And you would really have to do some research and pay out some cash to have something printed from one now. CDs will be the next floppy disc. We may not want to admit it, but a lot of computers are now being made without a CD drive. Change is inevitable. Be prepared and have your images in print and not just stored on that CD or computer.print your photos

Maybe the most important reason to print your photos?

5 | Seeing the happiness it brings your children to see photos of themselves with you spread around the home is undeniably awesome. Anytime I change out a photo or put a new one up, my kids will come and look at the image and talk about the memory of taking it. My 4 year old loves to walk around the house holding my hand and saying “Look! That’s baby Liam with Emma and Izzy! We were laughing!” and other similar adorable and loving things that make my Momma heart melt. In my eyes, that is the best reason to have actual prints. In my opinion, a child looking around at photos of himself with his family can help him feel loved and secure. It makes your house a home. We have some magnets actually made from our Instagram photos and they are so cute and fun to look at. There are always beautiful canvases of our family, framed photos of the kids together and individually and also the snapshots printed and hung on the fridge. All of them are equally important to me.Printing your photos is obviously important to me and I want it to be for you as well. This year I’m including a print credit with your session so that you have no excuse to not print your photos from me at least. The day to day snapshots are up to you to print. Remember that for your own prints I always recommend mpix as a quality and convenient lab for you to print through.

Don’t be like the Heck family… print your photos 😉

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