Tuscarawas County family photographer | to the moms

Tuscarawas County Family Photography | to the momstuscarawas county family photographer | to the momsto the moms…

here’s to the moms who have wiped baby bottoms and snotty noses,

to the women who snuggle babies late into the night and bright in the early morning hours,

to those who kiss away boo-boo’s,

to the house chef, maid, nurse, after-school tutor and entertainer,

to the moms who love you without fail,

who always forgive no matter the crime,

to those who provide an unlimited amount of snuggles,

to those that play super hero, trains, cars and fight the bad guys with wildly active imaginations,

and to the ones who play princess, have tea parties and have quiet reading and craft time,

to the moms who cheer on their babies in their triumphs,

and provide lots of extra love and support during loss or dark times,

to the under-the-bed-monster-scarer-away-er,

to the moms who love you even during your awkward years,

and to the brave soul who guides you through your teen years,

to the moms who slow dance at their sons wedding and have to look up into their grown babies eyes,

to the moms we don’t always appreciate until we’re grown and have little ones of our own,

to those who have now become grandmothers, their own babies becoming mothers,

to the moms we miss who have gone to Heaven far too soon and before we’re ready,

to the moms who are parenting without their own mom,

to the moms who have yet to hold their own sweet baby,

to the moms who have taught us everything,

to the moms whom we are forever grateful for,

to my mom. ♥ I love you.tuscarawas county family photographer | to the moms

a special note to my Mamaw…

“when someone you love becomes a memory,

their memory becomes a treasure”


“and though our arms are empty,

our hearts know what to do,

every beat of my heart says



RIP Mamaw. You’ll always be remembered in so many different ways but mostly for the impact you made on each and every person in our family. You were the rock, the glue that held us together, the strongest one among us. Thank goodness you taught your own how to stand tall and how to love and lead. Your memory will always be with us. I’m not sure how we’ll handle life without you. Right now I am most dreading holidays, especially Christmas. I’m not sure I want to see anyone else wearing the Santa hat and reading the Christmas story to the kids. I don’t know that my heart can handle that. We’ll officially say goodbye to you tomorrow. But know that even when we say goodbye, you’ll be with each of us throughout our lives. You’ve created such a beautiful, big, goofy, loving, forgiving and all embracing family.

I hope you knew that we were all because of you. Thank you.10399670_1246076600731_2762599_n_WEB