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Thank you all so very much for nominating those near to your hearts. While I of course want to gift everyone nominated a free session, unfortunately that’s not able to happen right now.

RUNNERS UP ARE SARAH C. AND ALSO DANA D. – YOU ARE BOTH RECEIVING A FREE HALF SESSION!!!!!! (details on these are posted on my website)
Please email me at info@brandiwilliamsonphotography.com

I would also like to offer every family who was nominated a 25% discount off of any half or full session for 2016. (details on pricing can be found on my website) Again I do wish I could offer everyone a free session. Really I do! I think is the a win/win for everyone. If you were nominated and you decide to schedule a 2016 session, please mention this giveaway and I will honor the 25% discount. I believe everyone should have the chance to have professional photos taken. ♥ Thank you all again for sharing your stories and for sending these nominations in.
I appreciate all of you!

I am so very excited to announce this special photo session GIVEAWAY!  This has been laying on my heart and mind for some time now.
I have been doing a lot of thinking about my clients, business, family and friends lately and feel that I have been so incredibly blessed.

You guys are all so great to me and my family. I have clients who go above and beyond, clients who go out of their way to let me know I’m appreciated, clients who bring me coffee if they know I’ve had a rough few days/weeks or just because, clients who bring me home baked goodness during the holidays, clients who sent me “thinking of you” cards when my grandparents passed, clients who share fresh veggies from their gardens, clients who are sure to share the photos I’ve taken on Facebook with all of their friends and family and let everyone know that I took these images that they love so much, clients who take a moment to simply email me or text me to let me know that they love their photos!

I really want to give back, to bless someone, with something special…for one deserving family or person. It’s going to be great and it’s going to be exciting and I cannot WAIT for this giveaway to begin! So let’s get started!! 🙂

Here is how it will work…

We’re going to call this a self-less giveaway. I love that. I recently read it on another photographer’s giveaway page. So we’ll roll with it.
What does this mean? It’s simple really…

You cannot nominate YOURSELF.
You must nominate a family/friend/co-worker/neighbor… do you know a family going through hard times?  Maybe a single mother who works really hard to support her kids? A single dad, doing the parenting thing on his own?  A friend who is always going out of her way to help others but not herself? Someone with an illness, or just someone that YOU think is deserving of a photo session? What about that elderly couple that just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary?
You will be able to nominate them to win this totally FREE photo session giveaway!  It’s as easy as that.

I don’t want to embarrass anyone or make anyone feel like they can’t afford a session, but I would love to help someone who needs an extra boost to be on the receiving end to have beautiful images of themselves or their families.  So when nominating someone – please make sure that this is something they would be blessed to have ❤. <— That’s important. Please keep this family/person’s feelings and preferences in mind before you hit send on that email. Maybe even ask them if you’re in doubt!!!

In order to NOMINATE someone. Please send an email to: info@brandiwilliamsonphotography.com

How to Nominate:

Fill out these questions:

1. What is Your name?

2. What is your email address?

3. What is the Nominee’s name?

4. What is the Nominee’s email address?

5. How do you know this person/family?

6. Why are you nominating this person/family? (please give as much detail as possible)

7. Attach a photo of the Nominee(s)

Fine Print:

1. Each person is only allowed to nominate one family. Multiple nominations of the same family don’t help their chances.

2. Event photography, Extended families, and large groups are excluded from this giveaway. It is for one immediate family, a couple or person only.

3. All entries must be received by September 4th at midnight. Entries will be posted on Facebook to start voting.

4. Photos will be posted on my Photography Facebook Fan Page for voting. The top 3 with the most
“likes” will be reviewed by me and a winner will be chosen from there.

5. The session will be shot between September 21st – November 20th 2015, per the photographer’s schedule.

6. The prize is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

7. You can not nominate yourself.Tuscarawas County Photographer | PHOTO SESSION GIVEAWAY

Also, I encourage you to please SHARE the image that will be posted on my Facebook page “Brandi Williamson Photography”  to your page so that more families have the chance to nominate others.

Submissions will begin Friday August 21st 2015.  On September 4th I will post the entries on Facebook to be voted on by YOU. The top 3 with the most
“likes” will be reviewed by myself and a few select others. That gives you only 4 days to share and spread the word about your nominee and to comment any other reasons why this person/family is so deserving! The winner will be selected by a panel of judges {some of my professional friends and family} and announced on my blog on Tuesday September 8th 2015!

Session can be done outdoors or in studio, child milestone, family session, couple session or baby session 4mo and older.

One deserving family will receive a FREE one hour photo session with all of the best digital images on a gallery (digital download) with a photo print release and an 11×14 canvas of their favorite image.  Winner must be able to travel to Tuscarawas County for this session.  Session will expire November 20th, 2015 (should be used before that date).

I can’t wait to read all of your amazing nominations. ❤

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