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Welcome to the world of essential oils! This page is devoted to information about Young Living oils and why we love them. You can also find information about purchasing your own kit when you’re interested by going to this site to complete your starter kit order (more information and directions are posted below as well).

Young Living Essential OilsReasons why we love Young Living essential oils: We use them daily from sun up to sun down. There are so many reasons to love Young Living essential oils!


  • Thieves aids a healthy immune system so that we’re able to keep germs and sickness at bay and heal faster when we do get sick.
  • I rarely drink plain water anymore. I love boosting the flavor and the benefits with oils! Lemon, Peppermint + Grapefruit are my favorites to give my water a nice kick.
  • Have allergies? Support a healthy lung function by diffusing Lemon+Lavender+Peppermint. It also smells *AMAZING*, helps you to focus and can keep your mind calm and at ease.
  • Have a snoring husband? Drop Valor on his big toe at bedtime. Happy silent night!
  • I don’t know where we would be w/o our sleep cream for our toddler!!!
  • Forget to put the wet clothes in the dryer? Add a drop of Purification to help freshen the load!
  • Stinky bathroom? Purification is also great to drop on the inside of the toilet paper roll. Voila clean scent with every twist of the roll! Sometimes I like to mix it up and add Citrus Fresh for an extra boost of fresh scent!
  • We love diffusing Peace&Calming + Lavender in the evenings to help the family wind down from the day.
  • Rough day? Add Lavender + Epsom Salts to your bath. (side note: When using oils in your bath it’s very important to add Epsom salts as well. The Epsom salt not only helps to detoxify your body but helps you receive the most benefit from your oils during a bath.)
  • Spiders hate the scent of Peppermint. 😉 Winning!!!
  • Stress Away is a Mommy must have in my opinion! I don’t start my day w/o it!!
  • I’m about to gross you out… Did you know there are thousands of tiny BUGS that live on your eyelashes? Yep. Ewww! They also eat away at your lashes causing the short stumpy lashes most of us women have as an adult. Want to get rid of them and at the same time lengthen and thicken your lashes? Put a drop of lavender in non-waterproof (regular) mascara. No more icky bugs! Hellooooo long lush eyelashes!!
  • I love adding a couple drops of Thieves or Purification to my dishwasher for extra clean dishes!!
  • When I have a long drive to make, I always have my Lemon+Peppermint on hand. Wakes me right up!
  • RC is one of my favorite oils. It helps support healthy lung function and I find the scent of it alone helps to clear my airways. I used to be addicted to Vick’s but RC has taken it’s place. Remember I always dilute when using topically!!
  • I use Frankincense+Lavender mixed with Jojoba oil every morning as my facial moisturizer. My skin has improved SO MUCH! Who likes those wrinkles anyway?! Not me! 😛 ($$$ saving tip: Melaleuca – aka Tea Tree Oil – is sometimes referred to as the “poor man’s Frankincense” and can be just as effective and save you dollars!)
  • We start every morning with our “Happy Morning” roller blend. It has Orange+Peppermint. It has a happy scent and Orange has the added benefit of being an immune booster to help fight off germs as we go about our day. 🙂
  • I love my homemade sugar scrubs using Essential Oils!!
  • I put Thieves on the bottoms of my kids’ feet each night to help aid a healthy immune system. 🙂

These are only a minor part of how we use EO’s in our daily life! This isn’t the half of it!! I have a Pinterest board with many uses of them as well! I love Pinterest and you can find so many uses and ideas on there! Just always remember to do your own research as well. You can’t believe *everything* you read on the internet. 😉

Young Living Essential OilsJust what are Essential Oils anyway?? I know when my friends first started talking about EO’s I was the one who rolled my eyes at them. Really I did. But secretly I was pretty curious. So I started doing some research. I found out that there are *a lot* of different brands and also store bought vs purchasing online. It was a little overwhelming!! I started bookmarking different websites and blogs so that I could sit down and read through them during the baby’s nap-times. Little by little I began uncovering the benefits of oils and the reasons behind why it’s important to research the company you choose to be a part of.

Most people seem to think that EO’s are basically glorified fragrances. But they are SO MUCH MORE than that!! I mentioned some of the uses above. But again, those are just a few. Essential Oils are powerful, therapeutic oils that can be used in a variety of ways! Essential Oils are the vital fluids of the plants. Some refer to them as the plant’s “life blood”. Or in other words, “essential”, meaning they are *needed* and necessary for the plant to have life!! EO’s date back thousands of years. They were used in Ancient Egypt and China. Goodness, even the three wise men brought Jesus some Frankincense!!

I’ll post a few links to some of the blogs/websites that helped me to understand a little better:

What’s the deal with Essential Oils?

What ARE Essential Oils anyway?

Why is everyone into Essential Oils & are they for me?

Young Living Essential OilsAre Young Living Essential Oils safe for my children and pets? young living essential oils distributorAs with any type of medicine you need to practice safety and use caution. The answer is yes, these essential oils are safe for your children and pets when used correctly and in moderation. Please make sure to do proper research before using with young children and pets. To make things a little easier on you, Young Living has done some of the work for you and EO’s properly diluted for your little ones!! Our favorites are SniffleEase and TummyGize.

Young Living Essential OilsWhy should I choose Young Living Essential Oils over the bargain brands??? I get it. Essential Oils aren’t cheap. But they are worth every penny when you purchase the right ones. I chose Young Living for the purity of the oils. No chemicals. No expiration date. They are high quality therapeutic grade and safe for everyone to use. I use them topically, internally and diffused. They have changed the way I live my life.

Young Living: Seed to Seal Process

What about those other brands????

Young Living Essential OilsReady to purchase your own kit? Want to know how to get Young Living Essential Oils at Wholesale Cost? …….. No, you’re not signing your life away. No, you’re not obligated to purchase more (but you will only because you will be in LOVE with them!). 😉 Becoming a wholesale member is just like signing up for a Sam’s Club membership. It’s a way to guarantee you cheaper pricing and the ability to purchase your own EO’s whenever you’d like. When you sign up under me, I can also add you to the Joy Droppers Facebook group so you can glean tons of information and read success stories from others!!

Sign-up Instructions for you…
Step 2: Make sure “Wholesale Member” is marked off instead of “Retail Customer.” This signs you up as a “member” to Young Living and it’s the only way to get access to the kit and the 24% discount you get afterwards. It’s really important!
Step 3: Make sure my member numbers are in both the sponsor & enroller blanks – 2111556 <—- IMPORTANT! 🙂
Step 4: Fill out all the information. It will ask you for your SS# but this is only for legal purposes so that you have the ability to bring in a paycheck (YL is a referral based business). If you never sign anyone up, your SS# will never be used. Lemon Droppers do not pressure people into the business end…EVER. We want you to use and love your oils and we love you as a member whether you work the business end or not.
Step 5: Make sure you write down your pin, user name and password when you choose it because you’ll need that in the future to log into your account.
Step 6: Select the first “PREMIUM STARER KIT”. This is the one with the everyday oils kit and the diffuser and the start living kit. It will be $150. The other kits do not include the oils. *Get the kit with the diffuser! There are two options but trust me, THIS is the one you want!
Step 7: Scroll down through the “Essential Rewards Kits” and click: “no thank you” (you are not obligated to sign up for Essential Rewards at this time, but it does have some great benefits, but to be honest, I always tell my new members to get the kit, try the oils out, and then talk to me before your NEXT purchase. Then we will see if ER is right for you and your family).
Step 8: At the bottom of the screen hit Next.
Step 9: Confirm your enrollment information (you should see my name, Brandi Williamson, as your enroller and sponsor, or the person who referred you).
Step 10: Add any oils, capsules, or products that you would like in addition to your kit if there are any that you would like.
Step 11: Check out and you are DONE! WOOHOO!
Young Living – Sign-Up
www.youngliving.comYoung Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential OilsOkay I have my kit and my Essential Oils… Now what???? It’s important to read the booklet that came with your kit and check to verify which oils can be applied “neat” (directly to skin) and which oils require a carrier oil. I use a carrier oil 99% of the time for the main reason that I like to lengthen the life of my EO bottles. Also with children you will want to use a carrier oil. Essential Oils are strong and they work! But please remember safety always. 🙂

Young Living Essential Oil Safety Guide

Young Living Essential Oil | About Essential Oils

What do I do with my kit? Where do I begin?

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Images source: Young Living

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